LightmaXX Platinum Tour Wash Pro 18X8 LED Quad RGBW



LightmaXX Platinum Tour Wash Pro 18X8 LED Quad RGBW


The 18 8W QUAD-LED high performance diodes ensure that the Tour Wash PRO delivers powerful light and produces an exceptionally balanced distribution of saturated colours via a special lens system. The RGBW QUAD technology allows you to completely and perfectly realize your colour creations. The extravagant mounting bracket allows an aesthetically pleasing and secure stand. This makes the Tour Wash PRO, as well as the Tour Spot PRO, a serious product for professional applications. Very quiet, even with ventilation – for where it matters most

High-quality lenses Light
dispersion angle: ca. 25° (MFL)
18x 8W Ultra High-Power QUAD-LEDs RGBW
Mounting bracket
Protocol: DMX 512
DMX-Channels: 7
DMX-Connector: XLR 3 pole
Stand Alone-operation
Manual RGBW operation
Digital Display
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
Consumption max. 175 W
Includes colour filter frame
Dimensions: 310 x 270 x 300 mm